I’m going to call it session 8. George Munday 10K.

I know I have to slow down, and people who know their stuff are telling me to slow down, so, having signed up for the George Munday 10K ages ago, what better opportunity could there be to slow it down a bit, pace a fried and get bling! I told Sarah I would pace her at this event, so she, her hubby and fellow Ely Runner, Chris and I went to Wisbech!

Two minutes silence was observed at the start line, in honour of our war dead (this was a touching moment, and very quiet, with nothing to hear except a strong wind on the Fens). The whistle at the end of the two minutes signified so much more than the horn that then started the race.

Great event.

Sarah set a great pace from the outset, and she tolerated me lecturing her on the pitfalls of carrying a water bottle over this distance. In the end I carried it for her. In short, she did brilliantly, and shaved two minutes off her PB for a 10K. Despite powerful Fenland winds hitting us right in the face, at no point did she stop or walk (many others did). Sarah is physically and mentally strong. Chris did well too, and I got a bit of a steady run in. Fellow Ely Runners, Gwen and Barry were at the sidelines with Chris to cheer Sarah in: nice touch!

Fitting bling for the day we raced.

My plan was to get home, eat and rest and get another 10K in, but then this happened. Don’t look at me like that… don’t judge me…


More soon.

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