Session 9. Multi-terrain half marathon.

Monday was spent coaching at the Ely Runners Beginners’ course: more about that another time. It is too brilliant to not get a proper mention soon.

Yesterday was just too busy work-wise to even think about any training; and this is probably a good thing, as I actually feel rested today! After work I ate and gave things a little time to settle before setting off for a training session: a half marathon distance multi-terrain run around Ely with a head torch and full back pack. Oh, and my new trail running smock. Who can hark back to their childhood and remember when they got something new and had to carry it around/ wear it all the time/ take it to bed? That’s me.

Screenshot 2018-11-14 at 21.37.00
Decent bit of kit.

I set off with a full back pack, the trainers I will run the ultra in, and the new jacket. The jacket is designed for the cold, as a shell against wind, and to be rain proof. Tonight is was mild, dry, and still! Hence I sweated like bast*&d! The jacket was soon packed away, and I carried on. I really enjoyed this run, and I knew I was going too quickly, but I decided, just this once, that I would not worry about it. This run took in some hills and some trail. I really enjoyed it and it actually felt good. I will slow it down next time!

A funny thing happened today, I decided to download some Ennio Morricone via Amazon Music: I selected random tracks and they came on through the headphones as I ran two meadows at the top Kiln Lane in Ely. Suddenly I was listening to a piece of music my Mother selected for my Grandfather’s funeral. I don’t always pay attention to things and have never known the title of the track (or looked it up). It hit me like a thunderbolt, and I had to slow right down as I was a bit tearful. It is called ‘Chi Mai’. Maybe the music my Grandfather liked is the route to me slowing down? Can blubbing help with ultra training.

I am eating like a man possessed! I like this side of ramping up the mileage!

More soon!

Screenshot 2018-11-14 at 22.19.45
Blubbing Morricone route.

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