Parkrun and session 7.

I bloody love Parkrun. As I languished in bed this morning I went through that same Saturday mental battle: ‘you could lay in for once’ vs. ‘you know you will be glad you got up once you get there, and you will feel good about yourself once you have ran it’. How many of you go through that internal debate?

Parkrun won, and I headed off to Littleport, a superb Parkrun, set up by Ely Runners, James and Charlotte with input from a core team, many of whom are also Ely Runners. On the countdown, I set off on legs that have an almost permanent Blancmange-type feel to them. On completion of the first lap, fellow Ely Runner and Run Director, Jon Price shouted ‘come on, Justin, you really could put more effort in’; this had me smiling all the way to the far end of the course. I liked Littleport all the more today, as it was muddy and slippery: huge fun. All in all, superb, but at the back of my mind I knew I had more to do today.

My sons refused my offer of a swim at the local pool, opting instead to go out with their Mother and spend pocket-money. I ate and dossed about before filling the water bladder and chucking some food into the running pack. I decided I would take in a multi-terrain route, wearing the gear I intend to wear the ultra. I rained, it really rained, and I got wet in every place it is possible to get wet (I still do not have the right wind and rain-proof smock I need; but it is ordered). I am still struggling with pace. I am finding it very hard to slow down. My struggles with pace pale into insignificance when compared to my inability to snack on the go!

When you can’t eat Beef Space Raiders, you are officially in trouble.

I wasn’t even able to eat a small packet of beef flavoured Space Raiders, a snack with no real nutritional value any way. Later on during my run, I managed to get some Haribo down me. I have some serious thinking to do.

Screenshot 2018-11-10 at 20.35.39

Considering I have ran the half marathon distance today, three miles of which was ‘fast’, I feel OK today.

What have I learned?

  1. I am still training too fast. I need to slow it right down. Lots!
  2. I am feeling stronger. Longer distances at a slower pace is not so bad.
  3. I must experiment with snacks and conquer this, quickly!
  4. Marino wool socks are amazing, wet but warm feet! What witchcraft is this?
  5. The very lowest part of my calfs hurt. I need to discus this with Becky! Nothing else hurts right now!

I have the George Munday 10K tomorrow. How can I make this a training opportunity? We shall see.

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