Massage and session 6.

There is a lady who lives in Ely who is getting in her practice hours whilst studying at The North London School of Sports Massage. She and I had a chat about me having a weekly session, and she seemed really keen as she is interested in how things might change for me in the weeks leading up to the ultra. As well as sports massage, she practices foot, facial and sports reflexology. Take a look at her Facebook Page: she is very good.

Becky’s sports massage and reflexology.

I met with Becky yesterday and we discussed the ultra, my slight increase in miles, and what this has done to my legs and lower back. Becky let me listen to a bit of Johnny Cash while she got to work on the quads and hamstrings (and a little work on the lower back). Becky has a science background, and a PhD in an anatomy-related subject (it sounded a bit technical to me). It is clear she knows her stuff, and I liked the way she explained things to me during the treatment session. Until Becky qualifies, she can’t charge, but I know she likes that high cocoa percentage chocolate; so I went bearing a gift! I am chuffed to bits that Becky is happy to see me once a week to just beyond the ultra. Do look her up: she is good!


I thought I would don my COACH shirt at last night’s Ely Runners session, and spend some time supporting the club juniors. I was labouring under the misapprehension that this might lead to an easy run, something my legs really needed after an increase in mileage and a sports massage. I think the head coach also knew I was not in for an easy run, as he had a bit of a twinkle in his eye as he suggested I head out with him, another coach and four speedy-looking juniors. I was shown a new route, which might be useful for the beginners’ courses I am involved in, and I was allocated a young lady (aged 12) to shadow as she ran the route (four loops and back). I was fine with the junior I ran with, and any other time (when I had not increased my mileage), I would have been OK with her sprint finish; but not last night! She went off like a rocket over the last 100m or so. It really was very impressive.

What have I learned from all of this in terms of the ultra? I must accept that I have to run on tired legs and embrace the discomfort; I must respect the juniors even more than I already do: they are amazing; I need to do more in terms of strength and conditioning.

Screenshot 2018-11-09 at 15.08.53

A rest tomorrow and then Parkrun! Long run on Sunday (including the George Munday 10K)? More soon!

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