Session 6. Night run.

Things went wrong with my evening cycle plans last night! I failed to charge the front light battery, so I went for another training run: not too far and certainly not too fast.

The new Columbia Montrail shoes arrived during the day, so this was an opportunity to break them in whilst trying out the new Kalenji Trail Running 10L Backpack. I was advised to run with bottles rather than the bladder option, purely because of all the splashing coming from the backpack; I took this advice! Thank you, Kyle!

New arrival.

Running at a more sensible pace was not a problem at all this evening, as my legs hurt too much from the previous night’s farleck session (as well as from the efforts of the days preceding it), and I was a little bit hungry. I set off with some clothes and water in the backpack; just to continue getting used to running with the additional weight. I opted for a multi-terrain route, so covered road, track and grass, and it was an interesting experience in that I was not quite sure about the best angle for the head torch: pointing down and close ahead in order to see where my feet needed to land, or pointed up a bit to see what was ahead on the trail parts. I opted for the latter, as it was inky-black down and around Roswell Pits. I also found that I got really hot again and I had to lose the running jacket pretty early on into the run. In the end I covered 10K.

It was another session I didn’t want to do, but I forced myself, and I can’t honestly say I enjoyed it: I just need a day off from it all, which I think I will have on Friday of this week.

Another issue has made itself apparent to me: I have booked races coming up. I have the George Munday 10K on Sunday (and others in the coming weeks) and yet I am supposed to get long runs in on Sundays, and some longer back-to-back runs some weekends. My only option is to run the races but run again when I get home from them.

I can’t quite place the emotion.

More soon!

2 thoughts on “Session 6. Night run.”

  1. Regarding head torches and angles, I found carrying one in my hand which I could direct at the ground, and then either a head torch or chest light for general direction!


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