I bailed on running today!

It would seem that my initial advice of running every day except Mondays does not sit well with the views of two experienced club members (more about them later)! People who sign up for ultras usually have full time jobs and a family life: today was a day when having a full time job and a family life got in the way. That and hunger! Anyone who knows me knows that I have ‘hangry’ issues; often several times a day! Throw into the mix a slight increase in distance training, and my hunger issues only become more acute.

I have had a busy day at work, and on and off I have wondered how I might fit in my run today. By the time I got home from work, I was tired, hungry and I had calf and hamstring niggles in my right leg. I simply couldn’t decide if it was wise to eat and then run two hours after my return home from work, and take it easy given my niggles; or to eat and bail on the run rather than risk something in my leg going ‘ping’.

The more I debated this in my mind the more I felt I must not fail at this early stage. I felt I MUST run at some stage! I then messaged two Ely Runners colleagues: David and Charlotte. A few words about each of these amazing runners. Charlotte: without a doubt one of my mentors; she listens to my queries, shows patience and never judges! I consult Charlotte all of the time. David: a hugely experienced runner with around a million marathons/ long distance runs under his belt. Charlotte and David both told me to relax, and to not run!

As a result of the expert advice I received today, I ate tacos and drank beer!

Tomorrow I will try out Coldham’s Common parkrun, and aim for a long run in Sunday!

The learning points from today…

1. I do not need to run 6 days a week!

2. I need to eat! More!

3. Relax, and fret less!

4. Time to review my diet!

More soon!



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