Session 2!

I have decided that the correct mindset is to consider each club run, race or cross-training session as work towards the ultra. This evening was a club run: some standard loops around Ely. As is always the case, club runs offer three options: open level, club level and development level. The open level usually involves a longer distance run, and/or hitting sections at speed/ Fartlek sections. I have NEVER opted to run the open level option – until tonight.

I had the usual chat with my superb running buddy, Andrew Scarlett. A few words about Andrew: he loves a good chinwag whilst running! I don’t know how he does it at times, as he is able to talk even when we are hammering it: highly impressive! What really stands out with Andrew is that he is incredibly encouraging and supportive, and when you might be doubting yourself a bit, he often says the right thing, at the right time. I have never known such a busy chap in his running, family life and hobbies! Any way, Andrew and I had the usual chat, the one where we share how we will be approaching the training session; and I was not up for negotiation given the sore legs from last night, and the fact that I wanted to run consistent 9 minute miles as well as four loops (just over 8 miles).

Off we went! It was not until later in the run that we really settled into anything that looked like 9 minute miles or a bit slower. But Andrew kept me company and even carried on for a fourth lap. Near the beginning of lap 4 we were joined by Barry, another club member, who has recently ran two marathons, both close together: during one of them he represented England, and wore the England vest! All of this helps to pass the time when running longer session than one might usually!

I have no idea what to run tomorrow. I have a vague plan!

Screenshot 2018-11-01 at 21.58.32


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