Parkrun counts as training too! Session 3!

Now that I have abandoned the ‘run six days a week’ plan, I feel a bit more relaxed, and taking yesterday off was a wise move: this morning I could feel none of the niggles that plagued me last night. It is amazing what just one day off can do!

My current plan (and it is a way better one) said that I should take today as a rest day; well I rested yesterday, so, green light for a Parkrun! Andrew, a Parkrun enthusiast (this is something of an understatement) had suggested the relatively new Coldham’s Common in Cambridge. It seems that slogging your guts out once a week over a shorter distance is perfectly legitimate ultra training just so long as one gets the longer, and back to back long runs in.

Andrew – Parkrun and rabbit ear enthusiast.

Not feeling 100%, I informed Andrew that my aim was to keep at his heels or at least keep him in sight. I knew that whatever happened, he would go off fast: he always does! A few observations of Coldham’s Common Parkrun: there is a little van selling coffee and a variety of flapjacks; it’s an open field, so you can see everyone; today it felt cold and exposed; the volunteer team is very friendly!

The horn was sounded, and off we went; or should I say ‘off Andrew went’? I looked at the pace on my watch and we briefly discussed the fact that we were pegging it, and we slowly settled into a more realistic pace! Coldham’s common is not hilly at all, but you do have to watch where you put your feet, it’s all on uneven grass: considering this, I feel that we did well! Whether or not I was actually quick, it felt relaxed and well-paced.

I am tweaking my ultra plan! There is NO WAY I will take rest days when there are Parkruns to explore!

On another note, I have been thinking about my trail shoes; they feel a little ‘low profile’ for very long distances. I am not sure how my feet will cope over such a long distance as The Peddars Way. I have the amazing Salomon Fellraiser Trails; and the very light Inov8 8 X Talon 225s. But I was advised to try these as a supportive trail shoe with a bit more cushioning….. so I ordered them!

Screenshot 2018-11-03 at 15.48.03

More tomorrow!

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