Cycling, sports massage and session 15!

I told myself when I embarked on this crazy journey that I would replace a session a week from my ultra plan with a cycle. I love to cycle, and a few running colleagues reassured me that this is a sensible and reasonable adaption to my plan. I have only just got round to getting back on the bike for the first time since this year’s RideLondon 100. It was great to do this on Wednesday! I enjoyed catching up with a couple of cycling friends and I had a rest from running whilst still giving the heart a bit of a workout! The Fens are windy! It’s hard work!

My weekly sports massage with Becky. What can I say? Amazing! I have the odd problem due to an injury from my 20s (tibial plateau fracture). I have metalwork in my left leg, and although it is not a major problem, as I age it aches now and then – and these days more often. The left legs feels somewhat weaker than the right and it feels like a bit of a passenger at times. Becky said she would give this some thought and do some work comparing strength and mobility on both sides. It appears that the difference between each leg is pretty much negligible, and we agree that we would continue with the usual rolling program of stretching, massage and release work. This week Becky worked on the quads, hamstrings and glutes. I left feeling lighter and she was left with chocolate! What a star Becky is! See Becky’s Facebook page below.

Becky’s reflexology and sports massage.

It is well-established that I cannot eat whilst running. I have to stop and eat, and I have worked out the kinds of foods I can stomach eating and running right away on. Someone had the idea of baby food pouches. I will be trying this next week! I hope it works, as the pouches are so convenient to carry!

Great idea! Let’s see how it goes!

On Thursday of this week I mixed it up a bit for the club session. One of the most experienced club members we have (if not the most experienced) told me that when he ran ultras he did not spend excessive time on long runs, he just got himself ‘race fit’ and then rocked up at ultras and took it easy, enjoying the day out! I will be balancing things a bit now: slow slow stuff and faster fast stuff! Back to the club session: I ran two long loops steady with a full ultra vest on; the third lap I sped things up having ditched the vest, and I finished with a steady fourth lap (four laps being the open option for the session). It all went well, and to be honest, I enjoyed the varied company that came with varying my speed over a session training.

Steady, steady, a bit faster, steady.

Tomorrow should be Haverhill Parkrun. Long run on Sunday! More soon!

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