A run with my boys and session 14.

We have established that family time is vital. When family want to run with you, it’s a bonus! Today was the 2018 Ely Festive 5K, which my twin boys and I were signed up for. I have run this a few times, and I have always fancied a pop at it in anger, but the boys have always wanted to run it, as much for medals as for any other reason. My ultra plan said that I had to run a steady 18 miles today, so, my thinking was to run this with the boys and then knock out another 15 miles elsewhere!

The boys did good!

In short, I loved running with my boys, and it was fabulous to see many people I know in the crowd, especially Ely Runners. Both lads got great times! The icing on the cake was seeing Lauren on the stage as we left, and knowing right away that she had got first lady!

Home, for soup and bread. Tinned chunky veg and chicken soup is really working for me: I can stomach the stuff, so I am sticking with what works. I packed the ultra vest and filled the water bottles along with a few snacks and I hopped in the car to get to the Burwell part of Devil’s Dyke. This is a favourite run of mine, and if I am getting bored, it works for me. I have always been absorbed by the beauty of this stretch: Burwell to Woodditton along Devil’s Dyke and back. In some parts of the run, the bank is around 30 feet high, and the sight of a buzzard swooping along the ditch below is incredible (this happened twice today). I have never ran this stretch without seeing something memorable. Some might find it strange that I don’t combine the sights with the sounds, but I have so many podcasts to catch up on, and this time I listened to a few episodes of Radio 4’s ‘In Our Time’: Pure joy.

I was able to slow the pace down a bit (at last), eat a little (at last) and drink enough: things are starting to work better on the longer runs, and I really must find more beautiful places to complete them – it seems to stop the mental battles! The Festive 5K and my Devil’s Dyke run equalled 18 miles. That’ll do.

One of the best parts of the Devil’s Dyke run to Woodditton.

I have longer runs ahead of me. I don’t care really, as my recovery from them is getting easier. I am enjoying the eating! Maybe this is just a particularly positive day!

More soon.

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