Sessions 9 and 10

How is a standard club run or parkrun relevant to ultra training? Well, it’s time spent on my feet in the lead up, but more importantly, it is approaching things in a way that puts me out of my comfort zone. I have always felt that longer runs are much more about the mental struggle than the physical one, and attention to mental strength is vital. So, I am trying to make all runs, including the shorter ones, more difficult.

The club run on 15/11/18 was your bog standard loops around Ely. As hard as I am finding opting for the open level option, I am trying to force my self to do so. Four laps instead of three made my run just under 8 miles. I ran with different people than I usually do, and it was great to chat with club members, Cara and Serena, both of whom asked about me training and showed a genuine interest: support from club members is vital, and these ladies left me feeling more confident. I think chatting with them pushed me to go for that lonely final loop.

Friday was a day off, and it was very much-needed, the legs were and are hurting. It is interesting how the fatigue is moving around my body; only a few days ago it was the area near my upper Achilles; that has eased off, and now the quads really ache! Roll on the massage with Becky next week!

There are some very committed Parkrunners in the club, and few match the dedication and attention to detail of Andrew and Jon! Today we decided to drive to London and back in order to have a stab at Victoria Dock Parkrun, we needed a Parkrun beginning with V (let’s not go there).

Yours truly with Andrew and Jon at Victoria Dock Parkrun.

How is this relevant to ultra training? Well, although I very much wanted to join Andrew and Jon at this event, I did not want to get up as early as I had to, and I did not want to run hung-over, but I did! I must maintain my strategy of making myself do stuff I might edge out of.

As usual, Andrew set a crazy pace, and I am not sure how I kept on his heels throughout. I was chuffed to bits with a sub-22 minute run given the sore head and heavy, aching quads! Jon ran blindingly and look incredibly strong at the finish! Parkrun tourism is a joy! It is very beautiful around the Docks on a sunny winter morning!

This is all relevant!

Longer run tomorrow.

Screenshot 2018-11-17 at 22.49.26
Not bad for Mr Hung-over jelly legs!