Does time matter?

It was in May of this year that I last wrote anything about running. I had experienced a nasty case of Covid-19 and shared what this had done to my lungs; and at the time, I was not at all sure if I would or wouldn’t defer the Loch Ness marathon https://lochnessmarathon.com/. The ‘good’ news, is that I will be giving this iconic race a bash!

In the months since the immediate period after having caught covid, running was a significant challenge, but, over the weeks things improved. I have had some setbacks, and initially I found that I didn’t cough whilst actually running, but when I stopped, the coughing was crazy! My marathon plan is well in place, and cleared by follow Ely Runner and CiRF, Charlotte, who has given me little gems of advice along the way. All in all, my training has been OK. But my lungs still don’t feel like they did pre-covid.

As always, the support of Ely Runner buddies has been amazing: especially Lauren of Girl Running Late fame https://girlrunninglate.com/ , who has listened to my moaning during runs and cycling, put up with the coughing, my mercurial mood and my constant requests to slow down. She tolerates all kinds of weirdness!

Pete, Lauren and Ryan – all such amazing support!

During marathon training, I have given a lot of thought towards what I want from the Loch Ness marathon: does time matter? Yes it does. I would have loved a sub-4 hour marathon again, having only ever achieved that once at Milton Keynes. There is no point in hiding the fact that for me, the time I get matters. But, I know I have two options: go to Loch Ness and keep looking at the pace on my watch in order to attempt a sub-4 and have an anxious run; or don’t keep stressing about pace and take in the gorgeous countryside (and enjoy the day). I have made peace with my decision, which is to not worry about the time any more. I only decided this a couple of days ago, and already, most of my anxiety about the event has settle right down, and although I am happy to, and do push myself, I must not take the fun out of my running.

The fun in running!

My wonderful wife has booked us a cottage not far from the start of the Loch Ness marathon, and we will be there as a family for a few days. I can’t wait, and I am glad that the lead up will now be close to anxiety free. I will write about the event once it is in the bag. Back soon! Make decisions that are kind to yourself!

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