Rest, eating, massage and session 12.

Since running the marathon distance on Sunday, I have rested: quite a bit! This is rare for me!

I am a coach on the Ely Runners Beginners’ course, and I ran with our amazing beginners graduates on Monday evening: their final 5K run. They were all amazing, but I want to focus on Lauren a bit! Lauren has been a huge source of support and inspiration. She is way up there when it comes to Ely Runners who are generous with encouragement (and it is full of members who encourage you), no matter what your goal or level of ability. Lauren is a superb and highly entertaining running buddy! I owe her.

On Monday night, Lauren rocked up to coach with the beginners having hammered a half marathon the day before, and she really hammered it: she was seconds from her PB. Fair to say, walking was challenge for Lauren on Monday, let alone any running. Despite this, and like a hero, she ran with the beginners, and in doing so, surprised no-one. Why do I mention this, and how is it relevant to my training? Well, I found Lauren’s post-race wobbly legs most amusing, and at regular intervals I made sure I let her know it! But, I had forgotten that I tend to find the second day after a major effort much harder than the immediate day after. On the Tuesday morning, when I had to get down the stairs backwards and hobble around all day, I was haunted by slight guilt at having lightheartedly mocked Lauren! Sorry! I now am reminded of my own wobbly leg thing, and when it kicks in!

Check out Lauren’s amazing, award-winning blog! Lauren’s blog!

Lauren. General all-round hero and she of the ‘regular both feet off the ground’ shot.

I have done some serious eating since Sunday! I mean Olympic eating! Let’s just leave that there!

On the Wednesday, I went to see Becky for my weekly sports massage: she is so good! We focussed on my new problem area: pins and needles in the lower calf/ upper Achilles area (both sides). Becky talked me through what she thought might be going on, and she applied a treatment based on her theory. She allowed me to boss Alexa around and I asked for The Cure! I had a superb sports massage and I gave Becky chocolate and hot chillies! Becky is ace!

Becky: she of the magic sports massage hands.

Thursday night (tonight), I ran the notorious and enjoyable Ely Hills route, two laps, one with a nice new club member lady, and the second with Cara and Andrew. I so wish I had turned up with my ultra vest/ pack on, as I have felt that I should wear it for all training sessions, but I was a little concerned that I might look a Charlie! Kyle rocked up with his pack on looking the business! Another lesson learned: do what you want, it doesn’t matter how you look. It is all about adapting your training to meet your needs! By the way, Becky, no pins and needles!

Not sure what I will do tomorrow, but Saturday is Parkrun, and Sunday is the Ely Festive 5K (with my sons). I know I will have to run on my own after it to make up the miles!

More soon!

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