Session 5. Fartlek!

Yesterday was a break for me, some relaxed and rewarding coaching with the beginners’ group. Back on it today though!

I have found myself having to switch off from the ultra thing whilst at work, as the subject keeps butting in when my thinking should be elsewhere. This afternoon I went to a really enjoyable work meeting in Thetford: but all the way though I kept wondering if I could get back to Ely in time for the club training session: Lisle Lane and The Vineyards Farlek session. I got there, with a few minutes to spare!

Screenshot 2018-11-06 at 21.06.32
x4 loops of the Lisle Lane and Vineyards Fartlek session.

I have read around the subject of speed training sessions and ultras, and this kind of training is important for a variety of reason: I won’t go into them. What’s more important to me, is that this kind of training hurts, and that voice rocks up in your head and says ‘you could just do the two loops and go home’ needs to be challenged. My way of thinking now, is to allow those negative thoughts to be aired, but don’t let them have their way. I carried on with the small group I found myself in, and I was amazed at how fast club members Andy T and Barry tackle the fast sections! It was during the second half of the third loop that I decided to take on the open level challenge of a fourth loop. I in no way see myself as a member of the open level group: they are one strong and speedy bunch, but I think you can belong in that group mentally; I think any club member can be at the open level mentally. That last lonely loop was tough, and I could feel the pain in my quads and my slow sections got really slow, but I was pleased to have pushed myself a little further. At the end, I had a little chat with Serena about this blog: she has been really encouraging about it and sent me a nice message, which has urged me on. Serena is a fellow club member, who writes a really open blog about her experiences of OCD (among other things).  Click on the link below and take a look! Thank you, Serena for showing an interest and following me!

Serena’s blog!

In the past 24 hours I have learnt a lot! Messaging fellow club member and ultra enthusiast, Kyle has taught me a lot about kit, and it has hit me in the wallet too! I have learnt some stuff about diet, and basically I am doing it all wrong (more about that another time). Also, I have established that I can be more flexible with my plan, and I can chuck a weekly cycle in there: this is excellent news, as I do love a cycle mid-week to break things up.

More soon!

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